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Turn Your Business Upside Down

Business Tip of the Month: Turn Your Business Upside Down
World-class companies are turning themselves upside down. They’ve found that the old top-down pyramid style of management doesn’t work. So they’ve inverted the pyramid, giving all employees more say in what goes on. And it works, as evidenced in improved customer satisfaction, sales and profitability.
Interested in Inverting the Pyramid and Synergizing Your Business?
Here are some tips:
* Build Synergy by making teamwork and service a core value.
* Challenge employees to come up with their own better ways to do their jobs.
* Release the brain power in your business by seeking out ideas from everyone.
* Treat everyone (internal and external customers) with honesty, respect, and courtesy.
* Give authority to solve problems immediately.
By allowing employees more control over their work environment and more involvement in improving the quality of their jobs, you build zones of inspiration and highly profitable work environments.
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